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Our Story

The Snacks in Sacks group began in an unexpected way - with 8 people gathered around a kitchen table one winter evening. Trisha Drake, Founder, was moved by the knowledge that not everyone has a warm home for shelter or a warm meal for sustenance. So, she decided to do something! That night the group made 60 bags of snack food items. Trisha contacted Pastor Darryl Glass for help. Pastor Glass leads a team of volunteers known as Fern Creek United Methodist Church Street Reach, or simply - Street Reach. The outreach team had been ministering to a local homeless community for years already, and they promptly delivered the snack bags to those in the camps. 


The news of the successful event quickly spread throughout Trisha’s circle of family, friends, and colleagues. Suddenly, more and more people wanted to get involved with her efforts to help Metro Louisville’s homeless population. Seven years later, Trisha is still blown away by the generosity of the community as we all continue to strive to make a difference. Snacks in Sacks could not support the ministry without each of you.

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