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2020: A Year in Review

While the pandemic has temporarily put a stop to us gathering in large groups for in-person snack bag filling events, our volunteers continue to find creative ways to contribute to the cause. Dr. Sarah Lawrence, for example, has scheduled countless private events for her family to join with another family in a masked and socially-distanced manner. These gatherings yielded a total of 1,808 snack bags during the month of December. The Lawrences were overwhelmed, in the best of ways, by all of the donations sent through the Amazon WishList. It is amazing to see the positive response to a call for support. It is continually evident to us that the needs of our food-insecure community concern many. We simply encourage hearts of all ages to manifest/convey/express their caring through sharing.

We hosted several virtual events and our community came out in a big way by donating enough snack food to make thousands of bags. Through in-person, virtual, and small group events, we were able to make 5317 snack bags during 2020. That’s over 42,500 pieces of donated food and represents almost $16,000 in in-kind donations. Love and compassion always win. We couldn’t have done it without our support system. Thank you all!

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