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KnowFully CARES for Our Community

Snacks in Sacks recently received extra support from the Knowfully Learning Group. Our President and Executive Director, Sarah Lawrence, has continued to inspire her company (KLG) to team up with her in support of our mission to help feed those in need. She earned a $1000 donation earlier this year through her company's Community Impact Award program. But - the need is ongoing and increasing - so she has faithfully applied for further donations.

The KLG supports charities in the communities where they're located and where their employees reside by way of an initiative called Knowfully CARES. Donations are just one of the ways the company goes the extra mile to support the communities in which they belong. The website states that the KnowFully CARES initiative aims: “to spark meaningful and sustainable actions that advance diversity within KnowFully and the industries it serves through a speaker series, panel discussions, volunteer opportunities, and philanthropic donations.”

Sarah was awarded the Visionary Award, which came with a $500 donation to Snacks in Sacks this month. Furthermore, the Knowfully Learning Group gave our nonprofit a $2,500 donation to help us carry on with our work.

I, personally, am so honored to strive alongside my fellow board members in pursuing our passion to express our caring through sharing. And yet, we could not provide the amount of snack bags that we have been able to provide without our generous benefactors and our volunteers (like you!).

And so, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. And we are grateful to the Knowfully Learning Group for their commitment to our community!


Miranda Edmister

For more information, please visit:

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