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Support Comes in Many Shapes and Sizes

Today we'd like to acknowledge several of our recent supporters. First, thank you to Ahrens Work Transition Program for another year of faithful service! Amanda Jones and her students worked diligently from March-May to transform donated snack items into ready-to-distribute goodie bags: 1,794 in total. A bonus thank you to all of our Amazon Wishlist and PayPal donors that ensured the success of this event - you know who you are!

Second, we'd like to again thank the LG&E and KU Foundation for supporting our work. We are grateful to have been awarded a Community Impact Grant. Our Ahrens partnership is merely one of the ways we are able to partner with individuals, families, and organizations to collect and provide snack bags and other essentials to people who are experiencing homelessness and food insecurity.

Third, we'd like to recognize Knowfully Learning Group (KLG) for their support. Snacks in Sacks recently received a $1000 donation as part of the Knowfully Cares initiative. The need within the homeless community is significant, and we appreciate every single contribution to the cause: small and large.

Another contributor that we'd like to acknowledge is Sarah M. Lawrence, our Board President and Executive Director. Dr. Lawrence is Product Manager, Pharmacy Technician Education at KLG. If you've ever met Sarah, or corresponded with her to drop off bags or donations, you know that she goes above and beyond for Snacks in Sacks. Her passion for helping SIS dates back to the group's first year serving the local community. She organized numerous private events with her friends and family to benefit Snacks in Sacks long before joining the Board of Directors, and she continues to find creative ways to enable others to get involved. I'm happy to announce that Sarah was honored this year as a recipient of her company's Community Impact Award. As a result, Snacks in Sacks received an additional grant from KLG.

Congratulations, Sarah!!! And thank you to Knowfully Learning Group for your generosity!

KLG provides continuing professional education, exam preparation courses, and education resources to accounting, finance, and healthcare professionals. For more information, please visit:

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