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A season of Thanksgiving

60 snack bags were delivered to Fern Creek UMC Street Reach last week - thanks in large part to a family from Upstate New York. The family of 5 were in town visiting relatives for the Thanksgiving holiday. Their traditional volunteer activity was not a practical option (being over 500 miles away), but that didn't stop their enthusiasm for helping those in need. The KY family members (long-time supporters of Snacks in Sacks) suggested that the group fill bags for the local nonprofit. The idea of helping to provide snacks for those with food insecurity - at a time often centered around feasting - seemed like a perfect fit. One quick trip to Sam's Club, and the fun was underway!

The "kids," ranging from 7 to 18 years of age, made short work of unloading the goodies from the vehicle and unboxing it all into piles on kitchen countertops and folding tables. Assembly instructions were provided, and the families filed around the room in typical Snacks in Sacks fashion: moving from one category to the next, hand selecting flavors of granola bars, chips, fruits and more for the recipient of each bag. With 9 sets of hands helping, the task was complete in no time. The proof is in the picture. A family gathered in a small space can still make a huge difference!!! Special thanks to the Grzebinski family for your support. We are so glad that you enjoyed your first bag-filling event!

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