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Wheeler Elementary Hosts Kindness Parties to Help the Homeless

Word of our February snack bag challenge spread to teachers at Wheeler Elementary, and they took action! They got the kids in their classrooms involved in helping members of the community where they live. I LOVE acts of service like these.

The classes had kindness parties scheduled as a way to celebrate February 14th, and Wheeler teachers hoped they could show some love to those in need. Under the direction of their teachers, kindergarten students took home flyers (with our snack item list and event details) to collect donations from friends and family. And on the day of their kindness party, they got to work! First things first...these kids are FULL of compassion. So, they decided to take the time to make some pretty special homemade cards and notes for the individuals who would receive the snack bags. How cute are these? I wish I had pictures of each and every card to share with you.

Then, they turned their attention to all of the generous donations that had been sent to Wheeler for the event. The classroom proved to be the perfect setting for a snack bag filling party. The students used their desk space to sort the donations into their categories: protein, breakfast, fruit, chips, crackers, and treats. They each grabbed a gallon bag, a spoon, and starting filling their snack bags with food as they moved around the classroom to each table.

Each teacher approached the event with their own personal touch. Some teachers love to organize every detail, and some love to involve the children in every stage of the process. We at Snacks in Sacks love it all! At the end of the challenge, the students, teachers, parents, and staff at Wheeler Elementary had all helped to collect enough snack items to assemble 282 complete bags AND over 450 extra items for us to include in future snack bags.

Each teacher commented on how much fun the kids had, and you can see some of that happy energy in the photo below! Boxes and snack bags and smiles...oh my! Thank you so much Wheeler Elementary for your continued support. Part of our mission is to enable people of all ages to express their caring through sharing. These moments inspire us!

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